Saturday, 14 April 2012

A couple of random GH things from last week

Nobody really seems to be using this blog to share or comment on ideas, but I'm going to persevere anyway.

I've got a few ideas on the go at the moment; here are just a couple of examples of Grasshopper investigations which might prove useful for my developed design.

The first one is a "birds nest" definition which wraps a swept profile around a bounding box (sphere, cube or whatever). Could be cool for screening or facade elements, something non-structural at any rate.

Second one is basically the same thing but deformed using one of the modo sculpt tools, not supposed to be a resolved design for anything, just exploring some ideas around furniture and ergonomics which have moved on a bit since I rendered this.

Last one didn't quite behave as expected, but is meant to link the cell boundary edge length to the diameter of the pipe, as the first stage of creating a structural frame where the members are sized according to their span (not the other loads on them at this stage, so it's pretty basic). Strangely, GH's ideas around what constitutes edge length and consequently the diameters seem pretty random, but the result looks quite interesting, if not pretty.

More soon.


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  2. Hey Shane,

    Last one is easy (apart from not working properly) - just extracted the Voronoi cell boundaries, and did a pipe along them with the radius linked to the inverse square of the length I think (don't have the file open now). The birds nest thing was a borrow which I adapted, then deformed with modo using features which I guess would equate to a soft move in a nurbs based program like Rhino (except modo uses brushes kind of like Photoshop). And again, rendered (very hurriedly) in modo. Next time you're in school I'll show you the definitions. How are you getting on with yours?