Thursday, 15 March 2012

'Slice of Heaven'

This site analysis was based upon the idea of Cafes around Wellington being ‘Slices of Heaven’ amidst the busy city life. I analysed and observed the flow of foot traffic around the selected Cafes allocated in the popular city zones, highlighted on the vector map and worked along the axis of Cuba St. and the Wellington Waterfront. While analysing the flow of foot traffic, I also took note of the different people contributing to the flow traffic, creating a typology. The analysis was taken at approximately 4.30pm, a time when people finish work. Business people wearing suits were commonly found around the analysed sites and time.

Most of the selected Cafes that I was collecting data around were filled with professional looking occupants. What I derived from this observation was that people who have worked during the day like to retreat to their preferred Cafes after work. Therefore the Cafes act as a retreat; a place to recuperate from the stresses of the day and conclude their day. The Café acts as their slice of heaven which provides a relaxed, carefree atmosphere were they can forget the troubles of the world and take into delight the goodness of Coffee before returning to their busy lives.

- Ruwarashe Saunyama

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