Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Peope on a cuba axis

This data collection and graph took me way to long to produce, but I think it's a key piece of information in my project. I basically counted people at various locations (1, 2, 3, ... 8) from Able Smith St. down to the wharf/ water's edge, at four times, morning (raining) lunchtime (clearing) afternoon (sunny) and night-time. I did near simultaneous measurements at sites A and B for each reference point (so, 1A and 1B) to compare the flows of people at the two sites at the same time.

I found that the A axis is much busier than the B, especially around the cuba pedestrian mall, acting as a very public space, while the A and B converged at the waterfront (as did the physical paths).

I also found that during lunch time was a peak flow time, with the difference between A and B at maximum. At night, the A flow was lower but the B flow did not change as significantly, remaining at a 'low hum' day and night.

(on the graph, colours represent different times, fill or cross points the sites A or B)

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