Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Interation with city and people

The area that we are studying is actually a very interesting site. There are greatly varied atmospheres within the site. Speaking from the top of Cuba, it's a pretty arty area where lots of artist contributed to. Meanwhile, there are also a lot of boutiques, op-shops, art spaces and so on. Sometimes it's not so official, and gets a bit vague and myterious.
Down to Cuba mall, it feels a lot more in the sun, everythings is alive and breathing here, full of energy and vitality, where the most people involve in public life and the greatest occupants flows occurs.
When the journey continues to waterfront, since the public space surrounded by City Library, Wellington Town Hall, Micheal Fowler Centre, etc. is planned and constructed by city council, coperating with architects and artists. It is the official image of the whole city, linking the beautiful shore line at the waterfront.

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