Thursday, 15 March 2012

coffee in the big city

 Started off on the more artistic side..looking at feelings of craving, smell relative to my own experiences. I then went on to look at the more theoretical side of things. looking at wind speed, sound levels and light levels around the city. i then looked at thermal imaging, to see how these elements change and develop in relation to each other.
I also collaged photos of the city to get a 3D experience with my findings - putting them into perspective.

I have started to look at programmes within a specific site. around cuba. it would be interesting to see how people move when they are exposed to certain elements and are tempted with the thought of coffee within a tamed environment. it would be interesting to see these relations by analysising the thermal images.
I have looked at four different carfes around this area to get a valid understanding of cafe characteristics and realtionships formed with the people. i have begun looking at movement and activiteis within cafes. and will explore materiality, space, and rituals over the w.e.

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